Sunday at 9:30 AM we will celebrate the Lord's Supper INSIDE our worship space.
These proceedures must be followed:
EVERYONE MUST wear a mask and stay 10 feet away from others at all times.
The elevator and front door will be open but not before 9:25 AM.  Side doors will be locked.
The first person in will proceed to the front along the outside wall, the next person will stop when they get within 10 feet of the person in front of them.
After i concecrate the elements the first person will come to the table take the cup and wafer and return by walking down the center isle and back to their original spot.
First one side then the other.  We will dip our masks only while we eat and drink.
As soon as I do the post communion blessing the last person at the back will leave immediatly through the front door.  First one side then the other.
The bathrooms will be closed. 
The total time will be under 10 minutes.
The windows will be open and the exhaust fan on.
This is meant to be a supliment to our worship videos.
I continue to believe this is very safe. 
Questions???     YOU MAY CALL ME TO CHECK  610-216-2970 
                    MASKS!  TEN FEET !